When you modify your system's architecture from mechanical to an electrical circuit breaker- based power distribution unit (PDU) and power architecture, you achieve much better flexibility and customization at the system level. You can tailor and scale to the specific needs of your platform more efficiently and optimize the system design to protect expensive and sensitive loads . This blog offers some reasons why electronic circuit breakers are more advantageous within a military platform.

  1. Reliability. Electronic breakers can handle more than one million operations; mechanical breakers wear and fatigue after a very low number of switching operations.
  2. Environment. Electronic breakers are far less sensitive to mechanical shocks that can cause mechanical breakers to trip. You can set operational temperature limitations in electronic breakers.
  3. Remote operation. A mechanical breaker requires a human to reset once tripped, introducing inefficiencies and potential safety challenges. Electronic breakers are inherently designed for remote operation and can be monitored and reset from afar, including via wireless or RF datalinks.
  4. Output voltage and bounce. Switching a mechanical breaker can introduce spikes and voltage fluctuations that can damage loads. You can avoid voltage spikes and lower the inrush current to the load by designing soft start in electronic breakers.
  5. Current rating. Current ratings in mechanical breakers are fixed. You can increase your design flexibility with electronic breakers, which are programmable.
  6. SWaP. In comparison to mechanical breakers, electronic breakers reduce weight by nearly two-thirds and reduce volume by one-third.

Our MILPDU family of power distribution products offer scalable, flexible, configurable solutions for your design needs. Built around the same electronic power circuit, you can customize quickly to meet the needs of your design.

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